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After the rain…..

Boardwalks at Pleasant Valley from this morning   Old Swimming Pool below Upper Lake Park Double Track Leading up to Upper Lake Park Some debris up on the trail in Port Ever wonder where all that storm water goes?  

Winter Beach Ride in Port Washington

Last week before just before temperatures started to really melt things around here, we had a chance to get out to the beach one last time to enjoy some of the impressive icy terrain that Lake Michigan creates along the beaches of Port Washington.  During the winter these rides are never the same, conditions and terrain change […]

IMBA Chapter Update

Becoming and IMBA chapter is something that we’ve been working towards for the past few years, and it looks like we’ve finally gotten our ducks in a row and it’s going to happen this spring.  (Thanks to Greg for finally pushing us though the process)  As soon as we have final confirmation from IMBA we will let […]

Winter Loop

  Here is the actual Strava GPS map of the winter loop.  I’ve highlighted the “reroutes” in blue.  A few of them still need better signage, but there are some signs up directing you to the re-routes and the re-routes have been brushed an cleared for the most part.  We are going to run blue and half […]

Gun Deer Hunting Season

November 22-30 is gun deer season here in Wisconsin. Just so everyone is aware hunting is not allowed in pleasant valley park, however the neighbors will likely be gun hunting for deer on their own property. If your out riding consider wearing orange! If your looking for an alternative check out the Port Trails or […]

Fall Trail Work

  Tonight I started flagging the next leg of the Port trail heading North from where we left off.  Some very interesting terrain back there, should be a lot of fun.  ( Pictures don’t really do it justice) Matt got back there with a leaf blower this week too, the trail is really well defined […]

Kids getting out mountain biking!

We had a great turnout this morning at our “Take a kid mountain biking” event today at PV, we had about 25 kids show up throughout the morning!  Thanks to all the tough Wisconsin kids that braved the elements this morning, we had a great time! Thanks to Zuzu Pedals, Hayes, Groth Design Group, and […]