Pleasant Valley Storage Kiosk Fundraiser

PV Trail Kiosk1

One of the projects we really wanted to complete this summer is the re-vamping and addition of a storage area withing the trail kiosk at Pleasant Valley.  A few months ago we received approval from the town board to proceed with this work.  Now that we have have a approval we need a couple more things.

First we need money and/or material to construct this.

Second we could use some help building it.

If you have some carpentry background, and are interested in helping out let us know!

In order to help raise some funds for this and other trail projects we are printing t-shirts that you can purchase.  We will have the option of a tek tee or a long sleeve 50/50 blend t-shirt for you to purchase.  (check out the images below)  All of the proceeds from these shirts go directly to the trail and trail maintenance.

If you enjoy having local trails close to home, please consider helping us out by buying a t-shirt.  The shirts will be going on sale later this week.  You will be able to pay for the shirts online and pick them up at one of your local participating bike shops.

PV Trail Kiosk2

Updated Kiosk

OCMB Tech Front

OCMB Tech Back

OCMB Long Front

OCMB Long Back