OCMB Winter Fat Bike Riding and Trail Grooming!

Finally snow bike season is here!  We were able to get out Sunday and mark out the winter route.  We don’t necessarily close down the rest of the trail, but it helps us focus our grooming as well as take out some of the real twisting stuff that is just tough to maintain in the winter.


We’ve posted a handful of these markers at our re-routed areas, hopefully this help clarify the route…once we have a clean snowshoed path it won’t be hard to follow.


Stop sign installed at the main snowmobile crossing.  We don’t put up stop signs a the crossing that are not included in the winter route.  If we happen to get enough snow to get the sleds running, just keep your eyes and ears open at the crossing areas.

Trail Grooming – Last year we had a lot of people out snowshoeing, which was great!  Ideally we will have a minimum trail width of approximately 30″, this should help prevent the trail surface from crowning and making it difficult to ride.  We’ll try to put together some snowshoe parties after any big snowfalls.


Below is an updated Winter Trail Map for Pleasant Valley – much like last year with a few new tweaks.

2016 PV SNOWBIKE ROUTEThis year will be a trial run on the Port Trails, it will be interesting to see how much foot traffic those trails will see, grooming may not be an issue.

Looking forward to another great winter of riding!  Time to get the snowshoes out!